Meet Our Team

Tiffany Scott – Owner

Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott is the owner of Bombshell Blowout Bars. Tiffany is an entrepreneur with a background in real estate and is also a wife and mom. Tiffany understands the needs of busy women in society today where women can feel pulled in a million different directions. Her goal with Bombshell Blowout Bar was to create a fun, relaxing environment where people could come get top notch hair services and to leave looking and feeling their best. Tiffany believes that every woman needs and deserves a little self-care to function at their best in all areas of their demanding lives. Tiffany’s goal is for every woman to leave Bombshell Blowout Bar feeling like the ultimate bombshell that she is.

Kim Barton – General Manager – Hair Stylist

Kim B
Kim Barton was born/raised in Pennsylvania and moved to Florida 4 years ago. She has been a licensed cosmetologist for 7 years and has had a passion for doing hair since she was a little girl. Nothing makes her happier than the smile on a clients face after a great blowout and style. When she’s not doing hair, she loves to spend time with her family and enjoy the beach!

Abbie Neel – Assistant Manager – Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist

Abbie N
Abbie Neel was born and raised in Pace FL. She loves all things hair and makeup, and making the world a more colorful place. She’s been practicing makeup since she was a little girl, and went to school in 2019 to learn more about hair and makeup. In her free time she loves to practice music, and practice drawing. She hopes to one day do hair and makeup for movies.

Tonya Laumann – Makeup Artist/Esthetician

Tonya L
Tonya Laumann is a certified advanced makeup artist/esthetician & permanent makeup specialist. She loves making people feel their best. She is originally from New Orleans where she previously did photography and always enjoyed fixing people up before their photoshoot. That’s when she realized she was choosing the right field going into the beauty industry. She is now a resident of the beautiful panhandle and feels blessed getting to be a part of putting a smile on people’s face for their special occasions.

Shelby Lesher – Makeup Artist

Shelby L
Shelby Lesher has loved all things beauty since first getting into makeup when she was 12. After graduating high school she knew she wanted to pursue cosmetology. Using her makeup skills as a creative outlet, she has worked to bring artistic ideas to life thru cosmetics. Outside of doing makeup, she likes to shop, care for animals, travel, and continue to extend her skills & knowledge in the beauty industry! Shelby believes everyone deserves to feel beautiful inside & out and looks forward to providing premium services to put you at the top of your game; mentally & physically! Her ultimate goal is to build her social media influence thru makeup & put a smile on everyone’s face!

Anna Phillips – Esthetician

Anna P
Anna Phillips is married and has two bonus daughters and a fur baby named Ruby. She is originally from Mississippi and moved to Pensacola at the end of 2013. She has been in healthcare for almost 15 years. Over time she has made the transition from more traditional healthcare to focusing on skincare and it’s direct correlation to our health. She has always been passionate about skincare. It started as a teenager having problematic skin issues. Which followed her into adulthood. Suffering from autoimmune issues motivates her to find holistic and unique ways to help others heal and want to live again. She loves to educate others on the connection of how our skin directly impacts our health and vice versa. She believes everyone deserves to feel confident in the skin they are in. Book an appointment for a custom facial and let’s watch you glow from in inside out!

Rachel Carr – Lash Tech

Rachel C
Rachel Carr (or Ray), is from Knoxville, TN, and has been in Florida for over five years. Her combined passions of the beach and all things beauty is what brought her to the Gulf Coast. She has been a licensed Esthetician since 2016, and a lash artist since 2018. Her goal is to make clients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Rachel can’t wait to meet you and help enhance your natural beauty!

Iyawana McWaine – MakeUp Artist

Iyawana M
Iyawana McWaine ( AKA: Yah Macc ) Is known for many things. To those around her, it is her vibrant personality, amicable spirit and powerful words of encouragement. She is pure and ethereal. To know what she stands for is to know how she operates as a person. Her prayer is not only to reach people through her craft and artistry, but to also reach them through her lifestyle and words of wisdom. You have those who want to save themselves, those who want to save just their families and then you have those like Iyawana who want to save the world. With a business mind alike, she sees a bright future ahead and is looking forward to flourishing in her career path(s) evermore.